Ask the Adorable Meowrails

zapdos23570 asked: *throws ball of yarn in nepeta’s direction*

:33 < it took awhile befur i could happily claw ships again after that

D —> I speak the truth Nepeta


(( Wow I never really looked to see how many followers I have…I assumed I only had like 6. I was going to just shut down this blog or let it die because it wouldn’t have been much of a loss and I’m just working to improve with art, but damn how can I fight with 102 followers? Only 5 posts and what? My personal blog doesn’t even have that many and it’s been open a hell of a lot longer and i’ve never abondoned it.

Anyways I’m sorry for the absense and for those of you who asked this blog WAS dead but i’m reviving it. Ill answer a question before the end of the week. Maybe even two. Thank you all for following I hope I don’t disapoint. ))


:33 < wait are hoofbeasts really god tier too!

:33 < then equius would be a hoofbeast.

:33 < he’d be adorapurr!

:33 &lt; ask is open!

:33 < ask is open!